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If you Google “AC Repair Near Me” anywhere around Lake City, you’re likely going to be bombarded with different HVAC services. How do you differentiate these companies? We’re relatively new compared to some of our competitors. However, we’re one of the fastest growing HVAC contractors in North Central Florida, and we’re rapidly expanding.
We are a small team. This means that we know our customers in Lake City, Florida and the area around us. We also know about the history of Florida, like the Civil War Battle of Olustee. We know the subtle differences between running an air conditioning system down by marshy Alligator Lake versus Lake Isabella by the relatively drier historic district. We know the importance of having cool air and superior indoor air quality when the heat and pollen hits us in the Spring.
If you’re a resident of Lake City, Florida, you’re likely no stranger to the heat and humidity that plagues the area during the warmer months. Having a properly functioning air conditioning unit is essential to combatting the intense heat and ensuring your home remains comfortable throughout the year. This is where Epic A/C Service comes in - we provide reliable and efficient HVAC services to residents in and around Lake City.
Despite being a relatively new HVAC contractor, we’ve quickly become one of the fastest growing companies in North Central Florida. We work hard to make sure our customers get the best service. People know they can trust us. We have a small team so we can give each customer special attention. We learn about them and their needs so we can give them the help that fits perfectly for their situation.
At Epic A/C Service, we know how important it is to have an HVAC system that works well. We hire technicians who know how to find and fix problems quickly. They are experts at what they do. We carry replacement parts on every service call, which means we’re able to provide efficient and reliable repair services without unnecessary delays. While we’re a Trane dealer, we’re also able to repair heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioners made by most major manufacturers. This versatility allows us to provide comprehensive HVAC services to our customers, regardless of the type or brand of system they have installed in their homes. Having problems with your air conditioning can be stressful and hard. We want to help you quickly and easily. That is why we offer emergency repair services. No one should have to suffer in the Lake City heat without a working air conditioner, so we are here to help when you need it.

Downtown Lake City, FL 1948 | Epic AC Service | epicacguy.com

In addition to our repair services, we also offer preventative maintenance services to help our customers maintain their HVAC systems and avoid costly repairs down the line. We can help keep your system working well. We do this by checking it regularly, cleaning it, and making sure all the parts are running correctly. By investing in preventative maintenance services, our customers can extend the lifespan of their HVAC systems and save money in the long run. Epic A/C Service helps people in Lake City with their heating and air conditioning. We make sure our work is of good quality. We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient air conditioning system, and we’re dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the support they need, when they need it. If you’re experiencing issues with your HVAC system or are interested in scheduling preventative maintenance services, give us a call today at (386) 623.1609. With our help, you'll be able to keep your cool and enjoy the utmost level of comfort no matter what season it is!
We are committed to giving you the best HVAC services. We know it can be stressful when there is an issue with your HVAC system. So, we try hard to make it easy and worry-free for you. Our team of technicians are friendly, professional, and ready to answer any questions about your HVAC system. We want to be honest with you. That's why we tell you what our services cost before we start working on your heating and cooling system. And we will explain exactly what work will be done. We want our customers to feel confident in the services they’re receiving and understand the value of the work we’re doing. At Epic A/C Service, we’re dedicated to providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to our customers. We think it is important to help the environment. That is why we offer solutions that use less energy. Using these solutions will help reduce how much energy and money you need to use. We also offer green HVAC options, such as geothermal heating and cooling systems, which use renewable energy sources to power your home’s HVAC system. Our repair service technicians are experts with HVAC systems. We’re able to quickly diagnose the problem, and be ready with replacement parts on every service call. While we're a Trane dealer, we’re able to repair heat pumps, furnaces and air conditioners made by most major manufacturers. If your AC system is down, or isn’t cooling properly, call Epic A/C Service today: (386) 623-1609.

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Learn about our process when it comes to Air Conditioning Repair from the initial service call to when we arrive at your home. You can also see the kinds of AC repair we do in other regions of Florida.
The best way you can avoid an emergency AC repair is to sign up for our Epic Maintenance Plan for bi-annual maintenance visits, priority & 24-hour emergency service calls, and much more. Learn more on our Epic Maintenance Plan page.
If your system is more than 10 years old, it might be time to replace it rather than repair it. Learn about some of the options we have for installation, and how financing and rebates can put a new HVAC system easily within reach.

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Alligator Lake in Lake City, FL | Epic AC Service | epicacguy.com
Alligator Lake in Lake City, FL | Epic AC Service | epicacguy.com
Downtown Lake City, FL 1948 | Epic AC Service | epicacguy.com
Downtown Lake City, FL 1948 | Epic AC Service | epicacguy.com
Map of Lake City, FL from 1885 | Epic AC Service | epicacguy.com
Map of Lake City, FL from 1885 | Epic AC Service | epicacguy.com
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With HVAC issues, always consult with a professional before self-diagnosing your AC system’s problems. You can learn about some of the more common AC issues at the Department of Energy’s website.
This video shows the subtle difference between what an evaporator coil does versus a condensing coil.
Learn what your condensing unit does for your air conditioning and refrigeration systems

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Executive Director
Executive Director
March 19, 2024.
These guys are amazing! Service is honest and dependable. Always going the extra mile to ensure their customers are taken care of.
D Ns
D Ns
January 18, 2024.
They have provided fast and personable AC installation. My mother had just moved into a house needing a full AC System. They came out and checked everything and provided us with multiple options. The pricing was competitive and the install was quick. We appreciate their sense of urgency and professionalism as well as personableness throughout the process.
Lauren B
Lauren B
September 20, 2023.
A technician came out within hours of my calling. He arrived when he said he would, diagnosed and fixed the problem quickly. The diagnostic rate was less than competitors, too.
September 11, 2023.
Talked to Kenny on a Saturday needing a new unit installed and the new unit was installed on Monday. Very professional and quick to get my AC up and running all at a very reasonable cost. Anthony (Lead Installer) showed up on time, answered all my questions, was very professional and had my system installed and going very quickly. Highly recommend the excellent services at Epic AC!
Kodi Wilson
Kodi Wilson
August 18, 2023.
I had a great experience with Epic AC Service. Mr. Brandon McCumber was on time, professional, was very courteous of my home and answered all my questions.
William Seal
William Seal
July 8, 2023.
very professional and very fast service.
Ashley Mitchell
Ashley Mitchell
July 7, 2023.
Epic came out and replaced our whole unit today, the guys were great! Cleaned up after themselves and were very polite. Definitely recommend this company.
Garth Woods
Garth Woods
July 5, 2023.
They are amazing..did great work an they are really friendly an they have no problem helping u get ur problem solved..wonderful an very enjoyable company will never use anyone else ..if the need should arise again..100% awesome..
Danny Beavens
Danny Beavens
June 18, 2023.
Epic AC was the only local business that would come out and fix my HVAC unit on Sunday. Even though it was Fathers Day! Their response time was great. From the time I called them until the technician (Brandon) got to my house barely an hour had passed. And about 30-40 minutes later the problem was solved. I will be using Epic AC from here on out and I highly recommend them.

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